About Us

Welcome to Anotherland.

For nomadic souls who recognise the beauty in character, in craftsmanship, and in items with stories woven deeply within them, there is now Anotherland.

My name is Allison Beattie, and the treasures you discover here are a product of my travels throughout Asia – from bustling city backstreets through to remote rural villages. My fascination with how different cultures express themselves through art, ceremony, rituals and textiles is what inspired me to create Anotherland.

The items available here are characterised by both simplicity and distinctiveness. Each presents a story of ethnic influences expressed through traditional craftsmanship. Created by local artisans, these pieces are designed to evoke the flavours of a well-travelled home – one with its own aesthetic enlivened by an irresistible feeling of wanderlust.

When not curating Anotherland, I am evolving my creative passions at the International School of Colour & Design. My career in fashion and design began in Sydney, Australia with a major retailer, before I moved into the media and advertising industries.